Decarbonising the Marine Industry Through State-of-the-art Technology
Building a patented, maritime technology which has the versatility to allow boats to operate off both hydrogen and diesel fuels
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Welcome to Poseidon Marine H2

Poseidon Marine H2 is building a versatile boat that will operate off multiple fuels, including hydrogen and diesel. 

Our mission is to develop a technology that will improve a boat’s overall performance, as it will have an equivalent operational range, require less maintenance, and be cheaper to run than traditional engines due to increased efficiency. 

We believe boat owners and manufacturers will view this as future-proofing their investment, as they will be purchasing technology that operates off current fuels and a carbon-free alternative when the infrastructure is in place.

With experts backing our solution, we will play a key role in decarbonising the marine industry. 

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Most plentiful energy source on the planet that can be produced in any environment in every country.

Renewable hydrogen is made from biomass, meaning it is turning waste into energy and can provide a zero net emission alternative to energy production.

Cost-effective, emissions-free energy used to power cars, trucks and aircrafts.

The Opportunity

  • Company directors are speaking with major boat manufacturers to form offtake agreements and licencing deals so we can hit the ground running once the product is ready for market.
  • The technology being developed will allow for the use of multiple fuels including hydrogen & diesel as the energy source that suits the  drivetrain for propulsion. This will accelerate growth as customers  can refuel their boat with current  and future infrastructure. 
  • Agreement with ‘Dynamic Efficiency’, whose engineering team has extensive experience and a global network of relationships,  which they will leverage to form offtake agreements. 
  • The solution future proofs the boat’s current & future value irrespective of future fuel infrastructure implementation timelines.  Consequently this makes the adoption of this technology attractive to current ship builder.
  • Eligibility to benefit from the Commonwealth Government’s plan to invest A $1.2 billion into building a national hydrogen industry.

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