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The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, making up 75% of all matter. Its availability is unparalleled, and as a clean, combustible gas, its potential as a renewable energy source is enormous. So, why aren’t we currently harnessing it to its full potential?

The answers lie in how hydrogen is harvested. Currently, the gas can be categorised on the emission spectrum of hydrogen and is distinguishable between whether it generates carbon or not. Common, current methods of hydrogen extraction produce high levels of carbon emissions.

These methods include:

  • Grey-Hydrogen involves the combustion of natural gas to produce energy, which emits carbon as a by-product.
  • Brown hydrogen production is carried out by burning coal, resulting in higher levels of carbon emissions, and an overall less environmentally friendly source of energy.
  • Blue hydrogen requires the combustion of methane and achieves lower emissions through a system of filters. This method is ‘cleaner’, trapping 78% of CO2 emissions on a regular basis.

By contrast, several technological advances have produced cleaner, greener forms of hydrogen, including:

  • Green hydrogen production takes water through an electrolysis process, which creates zero-emission hydrogen.
  • Emerald hydrogen is extracted from waste sources like biomass — this process is carbon neutral.
  • Turquoise hydrogen is created through the process of methane pyrolysis, which separates natural gases into hydrogen and solid carbon.

These Green classes of hydrogen have advanced from combustion methods of energy production and are a cleaner, greener alternative revolutionising the energy industry. Western governments view this as one of the most viable solutions for decarbonising their economies. For this reason, more and more companies around the world are now harnessing hydrogen’s remarkable potential to cleanly and cost-effectively power our world.

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